Miami Companion - Erin Evans


escort-miami-faq What can I expect on a date with you?
As I mentioned earlier on my Personal Page, I have a legitimate "day job" which keeps me very busy. Believe it or not, I don't get out that much, so a date with you is exciting for me! I will arrive on time wearing something tasteful and discreet and ready for a fun time together. Indeed, I am very easy going, confident, and grateful to be meeting you, so nothing but good things will happen on a date with me.

Are your pictures real?
Yes, my pictures are 100% accurate. I am the real deal. In body and in life, there is nothing fake about me, and I always strive to be as authentic as possible.

Will you travel to visit me?
Perhaps, but this is a question I handle on an individual basis. I prefer to travel only with those I have already met, but will always consider each request. Please e-mail me for further discussion.

Where can I meet you?
I live downtown in Miami and will happily drive anywhere within the south Florida area. I do not provide an in-call location. If I am ever visiting another city, I will have that information posted on this website.

What is your ideal date?
My ideal date is someone considerate, thoughtful, authentic, funny, and sweet. Someone who treats me like a woman, with respect and dignity. While I prefer older men, age as well as looks are of no consequence to me. It's what's inside the person and how they treat me that determines the quality of date I will have.

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