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escorts-miami-personal I am a stunning, tall brunette, slendor yet curvy, with ivory skin and green eyes. Though I live in Miami, I am not of Latin descent. I am an American struggling to learn Spanish!

To talk a little bit about myself...

I am an educated girl; I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the university I attended. After college, I did a bit of traveling, and all my self-discovery lead me to Miami.

I am a business-minded woman. Other than this part-time indulgence, I have a full-time profession which I find incredibly fulfilling and keeps me very busy. For this reason, I request as much notice as possible when scheduling a date with me.

At my heart's core is an intense and intrinsic love for music, so if you need a friend to accompany you to Bruce Springsteen, please stop reading and go directly to the Contact Page! While driving in my car, if I'm not listening to college or jazz radio, I'm playing an audio book or podcast (your recommendations are always welcomed).

Exercise and nutrition play a daily role in my life. I love being in tune with my body. Yoga is my current obsession. And I'd be remiss not to mention my love for high-end fashion is also a passion of mine. If you wanted to surprise me with a Saint Laurent Chain Shoulder Bag in black, I wouldn't oppose.

I am a bit of a foodie and always appreciate a finely prepared meal along with an exquisite wine. There are few things in life better than a 7 course chef's tasting with wine pairings! Though, I can be coaxed out of my house for far less--a glass of champagne or a fresh mojito is always reason enough for me to get dressed up.

Enough with the formal talk! Now, to get a bit informal...

In the words of the great singer/songwriter, Seal, "We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy!" I get bored with monotony. I love to be surprised, I love spontaneity. I'm impulsive at times (calculated, yet still impulsive). We all have to live on the wild side every now and then, walk dangerously close to life's edge here and there. It's all about balance, right? As the saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life!" I believe new experiences awaken the spirit in us all, so I try to stay open-minded and uninhibited.

Whether you would prefer to stay in or enjoy an evening, half day, or full day together, I am beyond certain we'll have a fun time enjoying each other's company.

Whatever the occasion, I seamlessly fit in and would happily accompany you.

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